Tomb of Annihilation

Kobolds and Urds

This session was nothing but combat with the kobolds that were alerted to the party's presence after they skillfully set off the giant rock (boulder?) trap that echoed and bounce off the walls of the mine.

Lots of bodies were flying around and by the time it was all said and done, thankfully, there was only one member of the party that went down at the end of the combat. It seemed like Havelock was close enough to the rogue, though, to make sure he would be back on in his feet in short order. For a nominal fee, of course.


OOC: For those of you that have gained enough XP to level, bring a copy of your existing character as well as a copy of your leveled-up character. We haven't had a long rest yet, so be prepared for more action just in case.

Also, if you have gained enough XP to reach level 4 and have more than 20 downtime days accrued, make sure to look at the "Catching Up" downtime activity. That allows you to spend the 20 downtime days to advance your character from level 4 straight to level 5. Be advised that if you are considering rebuilding your character, once you play your level 5 character at the table, it is no longer eligible for rebuilding.

As an example, I'll be bringing the existing copy of Brondem (the level 3 paladin that was used at last session) as well as a level 5 version for when Brondem has a long rest.


I had a question on tactics that I wanted to open up to the group… basically I feel like it was only due to the luck of the dice that we didn’t lose half our party last week… as a low-hit point rogue I definitely was well over exposed, blocked in and playing Gandalf against the balrog on that narrow bridge.

Basically, we were all holed up in a large room with two entrances (read as bottle-necks). We could have handled the entire encounter much more effectively if we’d held defensive positions in room and waited to be attacked rather than split our force with the right flank getting spread out, and in the case of rogue #2 even separated from the group. Sun Tzu would not approve of splitting the force.

Getting to my question… obviously we had no choice but to divide because of the urd heading out to alert Tinder, but I’m wondering if we could have done anything differently to preserve the integrity of our group and not open ourselves up to getting picked off.

I personally am annoyed with myself for running across the bridge in pursuit of the urd and then staying out there to take pot shots. I ended up getting blocked between enemies, with both skjor and bartholomew blocked in. Once Bart. dropped the urd with the sleeping spell a smarter course would have been to retreat back to the right flank entrance of our room and wait to be attacked.

What do you guys think?

Kobolds and Urds

There’s definitely ways we could have done things differently.

I think, however, that if we had holed up the way you described (and that was the way I was originally planning as well), then we would have had that issue with the messenger getting away to warn Tinder.

Is there something you can do as part of that AAR you had mentioned a few weeks ago that could look at how we did things tactically this time around as well as provide some example alternatives we could have utilized so that we can compare and contrast them so that as a group we can be more in sync with each other?

Kobolds and Urds

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